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2022 Program Outcomes

Program Outcome Results

We monitor our clients’ progress throughout their time in Bridge Communities. The statistics below reflect the progress of the clients who exited Bridge Communities in 2022. By the time these families left Bridge Communities:

  • 100% agreed their ability to communicate with and advocate for their children improved
  • 100% developed a trusting relationship with a mentor
  • 100% felt a sense of community within Bridge housing
  • 100% felt safe as they exited the program
  • 83% of families increased savings while in Bridge
  • 83% of families increased income
  • 88% of families reduced or maintained zero debt
  • 89% of families reported satisfaction with their quality of life
  • 89% of clients were confident they could achieve their employment goals
  • 92% of families secured permanent housing
  • 92% of heads of household were stable to thriving in employment

Graduates reported improved financial stability:

  • Median Monthly Income grew from $2,307 to $3,573
  • Median Savings increased from $0 to $9,625
  • Median Debt decreased from $7,880 to $2,739